Experience The Priceless Qualities Of An International Bank In A Well-Regulated Jurisdiction Offering The Exclusive Advantages of:

Under The Confidential Relationships Act of 1985, the unauthorised disclosure of information to any third party is strictly prohibited.

Nevis complies with the highest international standards of regulation as acknowledged by the Financial Action Task Force following the introduction by the island of anti-money laundering regulations under The Proceeds of Crime Act of 2000 and The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2002 and its regulations and those of The Organised Crime (Prevention and Control) Act of 2002 and its regulations. The Nevis Financial Services Commission is charged with protection of the island’s good standing and only reputable business is welcome.

Bank of Nevis International Limited offers an outstanding opportunity for clients to benefit from the advantages of a jurisdiction which promotes privacy, discretion and integrity and a bank with the specialist knowledge to operate to the highest levels of sophistication in the provision of wealth-management services.

Situated in the eastern Caribbean, three hours’ flight time from the United States and eight from Europe, Nevis and its sister island, St Kitts, comprise a sovereign and democratic federal state. Nevis has its own autonomous legislative body that enacts laws governing international financial and related services.

Nevis has a long history of political and economic stability. Its parliamentary and legal systems are based upon British models of government and common law.

Nevis has taken full advantage of its independence and stability in its development as a respected centre for international finance. Dedicated legislation has been enacted and refined in order to best meet the wealth-management requirements of clients in the fields of banking, international business corporations, limited liability companies and trusts. In 2004, legislation was introduced governing insurance, mutual funds and foundations.