23,941 sq ft Property at Fountain Village

Description:  All that piece or parcel of land situate at Fountain Village in the Parish of St. James in the Island of Nevis containing 23,941 square feet of land recorded in Liber CR 66 Folio 1592-1597 bounded and measuring as follows: On or towards the North-East by lands of Charles Cozier, 248.36 feet; On or towards the South East by a Public Road, 80.30 feet; On or towards the South-West by lands of Millicent and Rodney Powell, 252.93 feet and On or towards the North-West partly by lands of the Estate of Samuel France, 69.23 feet and partly by lands of Kenneth France, 42.39 feet. The property is owned by Deed of Conveyance and comprises a lot of land with a commercial building erected thereon. The building is partitioned with the following accommodation, Auto Spare Outlet and Carwash Bay, Laundromat, Office and Storeroom with a basement and a cistern under the entrance. The building is approximately 2,433 square feet and was built in 2008. The property is equipped with infrastructure of water and electricity.

Location: Fountain Village, St James Parish, Nevis

Purchase Price:  EC$694,381.00

Please call (869) 469-5564 for more information.