Financial Security is achieved when one can meet day to day expenses while saving for long term goals.

Let The Bank of Nevis Ltd help you to achieve financial security. Open a Bank of Nevis savings account today and watch your money grow with an attractive rate of interest.

Our savings accounts are available to individuals, organizations, corporations and other entities desirous of saving for any of the following reasons:

  1. Immediate or day to day needs such as household or other personal expenditure
  2. Emergencies or unexpected expenses such as illness or an extended period of being laid-off the job
  3. A particular purpose such as a down payment on a piece land,a vacation, a wedding etc
  4. Future needs like your retirement, financing a child’s college education
  5. Safety, that is, the security of knowing that your money is safer in the Bank than at home where it might be stolen

Features of our Savings Account

  • Attractive rate of interest paid quarterly
  • Minimum opening balance of EC$25.00
  • Passbook which allows customer to track all deposits, withdrawals and interest payment

Benefits of our Savings Account

  • Easy way to start a savings program without having to make a large investment
  • Funds easily accessible via 24 hour ATM banking
  • 24 hr access to your account with B-online Internet Banking
  • Peace of mind knowing that there are reserved funds for emergencies
  • Account can be used to facilitate payment of bills, payment of salaries, transfers
  • Can be pledged as security for a loan

Apply for your Bank of Nevis savings account today and watch your money grow!