A land loan from The Bank of Nevis Ltd will provide the funding you need to purchase the ideal piece of land on which to build your dream home.

Apply today to take advantage of our unique land loan offering …

  • A competitive rate of interest
  • Up to 10 years repayment term
  • No Pre Payment penalty
  • Fast, efficient and friendly customer service

Please find below a list of items that you should have when applying for your land loan. This will help to expedite the application process.

  • Residential Nationals: 10% of cost of land together with transfer fees. Different terms apply for other applicants.
  • Evidence of land by copy of parent title (if purchaser is acquiring full plot)
  • Letter from vendor / Purchase /Sales Agreement
  • Job letter confirming the applicant’s salary, date of employment and status of employment and pay slip
  • Last two years’ tax returns together with W2 (nationals and non-nationals living abroad only)
  • Two forms of photo identification (passport, social security card, driver’s licence or national I.D. card)
  • Banker’s reference which must be notarized (nationals and non-nationals living abroad only)

Other terms and conditions apply.