Effective July 23, 2020

*                  – Special conditions apply

**                – Additional charges may apply.

***              – Please request additional information on this charge.

~                 – Prices reflect charges for EC$ and US$ accounts

Fees are inclusive of 17% Value Added Tax (VAT) where applicable.

Accounts closed within 6 months$35.10 – Personal
$70.20 – Corporate
Third Party Withdrawals$23.40
Passbook Update (5 entries free)$1.50 per item
Cheques returned unpaid by us$87.75
Cheques returned by other banks$87.75
Unauthorized Overdrafts$58.50
Cashing Cheques for Non BON
Banking customers$3.51
Multi-statement Charge$17.55 per sheet
Interim Sheets$17.55 each
Overdraft InterestAgreed Rate
Interest on Unapproved Overdraft15%
Service Charge (minimum)EC$11.70
          -Business AccountsEC$23.40
Written Verification of Balances$29.25
Stop PaymentsEC$35.10
Stop Payment Orders (Corr. Banks Drafts)US$35.10
Transfers with written instructionsEC$23.40
Voucher Search (DDA cheques excluded)$29.25 per item
Dishonoured Foreign ChequesUS$35.10
Special Clearing of Foreign Cheques$50.00** (non-taxable)
Holding Statements$5.85 per month
Audit Confirmation$58.50
Standing Orders$29.25
Balance Certification/Bank Statements$40.95
Replacement Savings Passbook$29.25
Urgent Transaction Request/ Placing Items on Ferry$29.25 plus charges
Excuss withdrawal from Priority account$29.25
Foreign Cheques EncashedEnquire within
Foreign Drafts/Manager’s Cheque Sold$11.70/US$5.85
Replacement Cheque ChargeEC$17.55/US$11.70**
Telex Transfers – OutgoingEC$58.50/US$40.95*
Telex Transfers – IncomingUS$23.40
Returned WiresUS$35.10
Wire amendments/tracesUS$35.10
Foreign Currency Transactions paid for in Foreign Currency2% plus 17% VAT
Encashment of Travelers Cheques for Foreign Cash2% plus 17% VAT
Drafts/Wire Transfers for Non-Customers Using our customers’ cheques2% plus 17% VAT
Commitment Fees1.% – 2.0% of loan

plus 17% VAT Minimum EC$100.00***

Overdrafts Renewals1.5% of amount loaned

plus 17% VAT

Undrawn loan after one year approval0.5% of 1% of sum

negotiated plus 17% VAT

Late Payment FeeEC$87.75 ~
Guarantees/Indemnities2% of amount

plus 17% VAT***

Wallet Rental$234 p.a.
Temporary Night WalletAnnual Fee Prorated

(Minimum 1 Month Fee)

Lost/Damaged Wallets$175.50 plus cost of bag
Safety Deposit Rental$146.25 (small)

$175.50 (medium)

$204.75 (large)

$234.00 (Xlarge)

$264.25 (Jumbo)

Lost keysEC$58.50 plus cost of key
Safekeeping of Security Documents$17.55 – $35.10 p.a.
Visits re safekeeping$23.40 per entry***
Single Night Disposable Bag$2.93
Photocopy of Documents$5.85 per sheet
Special Letters (Universities etc.)$35.00* (non-taxable)
Cheques sent on collection$58.50
Cheques received on collection$35.10*
Reference Letters$40.95
Initial Setup Fee (Business Card only)US$175.50
Annual Fee (Classic) PrimaryUS$46.80/EC$117.00
Annual Fee (Classic) SecondaryUS$23.40/EC$58.50
Annual Fee (Gold) PrimaryUS$70.20
Annual Fee (Gold) SecondaryUS$35.10
Annual Fee (Business) PrimaryUS$87.75
Replacement CardUS$25 plus VAT 17%
Replacement PIN$10.00~ (non-taxable)
Emergency Card Service$75.00~ (non-taxable)
Late Payment Fee$35.00 plus VAT 17%
Cash Advance Fee2.0% plus 17% VAT
Duplicate Statement$5.00~ ** (non- taxable)
Overlimit Fee$35.00 plus VAT 17%
Return Cheque Fee$25.00~ (non-taxable)
Miscellaneous Account Debit ~2.0% min. US$11.70
Account Closure*** ~$10.00 – $30.00 (non-taxable)
Insufficient Funds re Standing Orders ~$10.00 (non-taxable)
Transaction Declines for Insufficient Funds2 free per month and US$1.00 for each decline thereafter (non-taxable)
Replacement Card$30.00 plus VAT 17%
ATM Transactions done at SKNA$1.76
ATM Transactions done at non-BON and non-SKNA and all other foreign ATMS for amounts of less than $500.00$11.70
ATM Transactions done at non BON and non-SKNA and all other foreign ATMS for amounts over $500.002% plus 17% VAT
Point of Sale
Terminal Rental$58.50 per month
Retrieval FeeUS$10.00 (non-taxable)
Chargeback FeeUS$15.00 (non-taxable)
Set-up FeeUSD$250.00

Value Added Tax (VAT) of 17% will be charged on the commission stated below:

0 – $5,0002.5%
$5,001 – $10,0002.0%
$10,001 – $50,0001.5%
$50,001 – $250,0001.0%
$500,001 – $1,000,0000.70%
Over $1,000,0000.65%
Treasury Bills/ BondsOn The ECSEOff Market
0 – $10,0001.0%0.50%
$10,001 – $100,0000.75%0.35%
$100,001 – $250,0000.60%0.25%
$250,001 – $500,0000.55%0.15%
$500,001 – $1,000,0000.50%0.10%
Over $1,000,0000.45%0.0875%
Savings Accounts
Regular Savings2.00% p.a.
Youth Savers2.25% p.a. *
US$ Savings0.75% p.a.
Priority Savings
Up to $25,0002.25%
Over $25,0002.50%
Gold Club Savings
Up to $25,0002.00%
$100,001—$ 500,0002.50%
Over $500,0002.75%
Fixed Deposit Account12 mths
East Caribbean Dollars2.00%


United States Dollars – Up to $500,0000.75%
United States Dollars – Over $500,0001.00%

* Rates may increased based on deposit amount.

Online Banking/EFT Charges
EFT Transfer to other institution$5.85
EFT Transfer to other institution online$2.34
Bill payment online$2.34
Bill payment in branch$23.40
EFT (one time payment)$11.70
EFT (insufficient funds)$87.75
EFT return
EFT Stop File$58.50
Monthly EFT Charge (Payroll)$23.40
EFT Company Payroll (Cost per file)$5.85
EFT cost per item (Company payroll)$1.17