ATM Banking – Your key to 24 hour banking!

We know that even after the Bank closes, you may still need to access the cash in your account. That’s why we provide you with 24 hour ATM banking giving you around-the-clock access to your money.

Best of all, with our 24 hour ATM banking, there’s no need to queue in long lines and you don’t have to rush to the Bank before closing time.

We have also expanded our ATM network with the launch of a second ATM at Xpetrol in Camps Village, St. James’ Parish.

Here’s a list of the many things you can do at our 24-hr ATM …

  1. Withdraw cash up to $3,000 daily
  2. Make deposits to your account
  3. Transfer money between accounts
  4. Obtain cash advances using a VISA or MasterCard debit/credit card
  5. Change the PIN on your ATM card
  6. Perform account inquiries
  7. Pay any BON credit card

Your ATM Card is a plastic substitute for the cash in your account so take care of it as if it were actual cash. Here are a few things that we suggest … follow these guidelines to protect the security of your ATM card and your PIN (Personal Identification Number).

  1. Store your ATM card carefully. Do not bend, scratch or keep it with metal and/or magnetic objects, as these will damage the stripe on the back of the card.
  2. Report a lost or stolen ATM Card immediately. Lost, stolen, or damaged ATM cards are cancelled upon written notification from the customer and a replacement card is issued immediately when you complete our replacement card form. While there is no charge for your ATM card, a replacement fee will be charged for lost or stolen cards.
  3. Never lend your card or disclose your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to anyone, including family, friends or bank employees.
  4. Protect your PIN. Memorize it immediately so that you never have to write it down.
  5. When selecting your PIN do not use telephone numbers, dates of birth or any other obvious choices.
  6. Never let your bank card out of sight. Conduct your transactions at a time when you feel the most secure.
  7. Before inserting your card always be alert of any suspicious characters who may be hanging around the ATM. If you have any doubts do not proceed. Rather, delay your transaction for another time.
  8. When conducting your transactions, use your hand or body to shield your PIN. Be wary of other persons who may be standing close by waiting to use the ATM.
  9. After completing a transaction, remember to remove your bank card and your transaction receipt.

BON MainOffices

The ATMs are located on the north end and south end buildings


XPetrol Service Station

The ATM is located near the east exit/entrance of the service station.

New Castle

Best Buy Supermarket

The ATM is located on the east side of the supermarket entrance.