OWN YOUR HOME with a Mortgage from The Bank of Nevis Ltd.

Building your home is perhaps the largest and most significant financial undertaking upon which you will ever embark and we’d like to help. With some assistance from the Bank of Nevis Ltd, you can finally walk into the comfort and privacy of your own home with an easy financing plan, which is ideally suited for you.

Our mortgages offer very competitive and attractive terms:

  1. No Pre Payment penalty
  2. Friendly and knowledgeable lending officers
  3. Quick Responses

Whether you’re a national living at home or abroad, take the first step in owning your dream home. Call or visit our professional team of lenders today. They would be happy to guide you through the application process while giving you expert advice and friendly service.

OWN YOUR HOME with a mortgage from The Bank of Nevis Ltd and let us share in your joy and satisfaction of moving into your own home.

Please find below a list of items that you should have when applying for your mortgage. Not only will this assist our loans officers in their decision-making, but it would also help to expedite the application process.

  • Residential Nationals: 10% – 15% of estimated costs (taking the value of the land into consideration). Different terms apply for other applicants.
  • Detailed estimate clearly defining each stage of construction, prepared and signed by the applicant’s builder/contractor
  • Approved building plan
  • Clear title
  • Land Valuation
  • Job letter confirming the applicant’s salary, date of employment and status of employment and pay slip
  • Two forms of photo identification (passport, social security card, driver’s licence or national I.D. card)
  • Banker’s reference (Nationals living abroad and non-nationals)
  • Last two (2) years tax returns (Nationals living abroad and non-nationals)
  • Life insurance

Other terms and conditions apply.