RBC/RBTT Visa Credit Card Conversion to The Bank of Nevis Limited (BON)

July 21, 2021, Charlestown, Nevis – The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of The Bank of Nevis Limited convey continued safety and health courtesies to all its customers as we pursue efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic.

As of April 1, 2021, BON completed the acquisition of RBC St. Kitts and RBTT Nevis.  Accordingly, the operations of RBC St. Kitts have been subsumed into BON and RBTT Nevis has been renamed BON Bank Ltd and will remain as a subsidiary until its activities are absorbed into The Bank of Nevis Limited.

Effective August 16, 2021 all RBC/RBTT issued credit cards will no longer be functional, including those of any authorised users/co-applicants.  BON will issue replacement credit cards and outstanding credit card balances will be transferred to customers’ new credit card accounts.  Cardholders will be informed when credit cards are available for collection.

Immediately upon receipt of BON replacement credit cards, customers are encouraged to update all recurrent payments, standing orders, online subscriptions or card information stored, with the new credit card account number and information.  This is to avoid any disruption in services currently connected to their RBC/RBTT credit cards. This is an important action as such transactions will no longer be accepted on cancelled RBC/RBTT credit card numbers.

Cardholders with RBC/RBTT Rewards Visa Platinum Cards are reminded that the last day for redemption of those reward points is August 15, 2021.  A new Reward system takes effect on August 16, 2021.

Cardholders with questions about their RBC/RBTT credit cards may contact 1 (888) 847-5803, and for questions about BON credit cards, customers may contact 1 (869) 469-5564.

BON assures all its cardholders that it is working with its external partners to ensure that this transition is completed with minimal disruption.